Istanbull Youth Summit 2023

Let’s collaborate for the youth with YBB

About Istanbull Youth Summit (IYS) 2023

Istanbull Youth Summit 2023 is the seventh international summit organized by Youth Break the Boundaries (YBB) Foundation in Istanbul. This summit will encourage future leaders who break the boundaries of their abilities to discuss and take action in Innovation and Collaboration: Unlocking Youth-driven Solutions for Sustainability. With this themes, IYS 2024 also encourages young people from all backgrounds and sectors to collaborate together and utilize their leadership capabilities in helping and realizing to make sustainable development goals become achievable.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are sustainable development efforts that become a reference in the framework of development and negotiations of countries in the world as a substitute for the global development of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which ended in 2015. The SDGs have several goals, including Education (SDG 4: Quality Education), Health (SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being), Economy (SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth), and Environment (SDG 13: Climate Action)

Youth Break Bounderies (YBB)

YBB is an organization that focuses on all instruments regarding the development and empowerment of youth to prepare excellent future leaders by promoting strong identity and character and also providing noble values for the youth.

Since 2017, YBB has been organizing the "Youth Education and Entrepreneurship Summit (YEES!)" in Istanbul, which has gained significant traction among young people. Now, YEES! carries forward its warm and impactful theme to Istanbul Youth Summit 2024.

Selected young participants at IYS 2024 will not only gain valuable insights from diverse perspectives across nations but also strengthen their global networks, preparing them to become future leaders. The committee genuinely hopes that the representatives of Istanbul Youth Summit 2024 will derive maximum benefits from this program, including knowledge enrichment, networking opportunities, and fostering a strong youth presence on the international stage.

The ultimate objective is to accelerate the progress of nations, and through IYS 2024, this goal can be genuinely achieved, making it a powerful instrument for shaping a better and more promising future.

Why join IYS?

The delegates should participate in the Istanbul Youth Summit to engage in meaningful discussions on global challenges, foster cross-cultural understanding, and collaborate with young leaders from around the world to create positive change. This summit offers a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills, gain valuable insights, and contribute to shaping a more inclusive and sustainable future.

IYS Objective

"IYS Objective: The objective of the Istanbul Youth Summit (IYS) are as follows:

  • Cultivate the spirit of talented youth leaders across diverse fields.
  • Foster and nurture the character of youth leadership.
  • Establish a strong presence for youth on the international stage.
  • Develop the leadership capabilities of youth, empowering them to actively contribute to their country's development.
  • Create a robust network and lasting connections among IYS alumni to ensure the continuity of the Istanbul Youth Summit program for years to come.