Istanbul Youth Summit 2024: Extended Registration Period Empowers Young Leaders to Shape the Future

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Istanbul Youth Summit 2024: Extended Registration Period Empowers Young Leaders to Shape the Future

Monday, September 11, 2023 20:00


Attention young leaders, change agents, and global influencers in the making! The Istanbul Youth Summit 2024 has fantastic news to share. We are thrilled to announce an extension of the registration period from September 11th to September 20th, 2023, giving you a final opportunity to become part of this transformative event. With these new dates, prospective participants now have a longer window to secure their spot and join an international community of visionaries committed to driving positive change.

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders

The Istanbul Youth Summit, scheduled from March 4-7, 2024, serves as a dynamic platform empowering and connecting young minds from diverse backgrounds, all passionate about addressing global challenges and advancing sustainable development. By extending the registration period, our aim is to ensure that no aspiring participant misses the opportunity to contribute to this impactful gathering.

Meldi Latifah, CEO of Youth Break the Boundaries Foundation, shares her enthusiasm: "Recognizing the enthusiastic response and numerous requests, we are thrilled to offer an extended registration period for the Istanbul Youth Summit 2024. We firmly believe that every young leader deserves the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and share their perspectives on an international stage. The extended period will enable us to welcome a more diverse group of participants, fostering a richer exchange of ideas."

A Transformative Experience

During the summit, participants will engage in a wide range of activities aimed at honing their leadership skills, expanding their networks, and enhancing their understanding of global issues. From interactive workshops to insightful panel discussions, attendees will have the chance to immerse themselves in the world of sustainable development and contribute to shaping a more equitable future.

Seize the Opportunity

With the new registration dates, interested individuals now have until September 20th to secure their participation in the Istanbul Youth Summit 2024. This extension provides ample time for young leaders to finalize their plans, gather their ideas, and register for an event that promises to be both transformative and inspiring.

Inclusivity and Impact

The summit's organizers are excited about the opportunity to welcome a diverse and dynamic cohort of participants, each bringing their unique perspective and passion to the table. By extending the registration period, the Istanbul Youth Summit aims to foster an inclusive and impactful event that resonates with young leaders from around the globe.

Join the Global Movement

For those eager to be part of this global movement, the extended registration period offers the chance to make a lasting impact and forge connections that can drive change far beyond the event itself.

Registration Information

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