Not Only Participating in the Conference, the Istanbul Youth Summit Also Awards the Best Delegates!

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Not Only Participating in the Conference, the Istanbul Youth Summit Also Awards the Best Delegates!

Tuesday, August 29, 2023 14:27

The Istanbul Youth Summit 2024 is scheduled to take place in March 2024, and registrations have been open since last August. In exciting news, due to the overwhelming enthusiasm from delegates worldwide, the Istanbul Youth Summit has decided to extend the registration period until September 20, 2023! So, for those of you aspiring to be a part of the Istanbul Youth Summit, don't miss out on this opportunity. Join us as change agents alongside fellow youths from across the globe!


Moreover, you have the chance to shine and excel in various captivating categories, which will undoubtedly enhance your portfolio. Let's take a glance at the triumphant participants of the Istanbul Youth Summit 2023 who can serve as your inspiration for achieving similar success.


Here's a rundown of the winners from the Istanbul Youth Summit 2023:

Most Active Group

- Group 7


Best Delegates

1. Atqa Jufrishar Tirtafisatya

2. Chindie Priah Dewanti

3. Fatma Mahanna Al-Sulaiti

4. Ghani Ghailan Sugiyarto

5. Muhammad Zidane Aries R.


Best Leader

1. Group 11: Prince Hotor

2. Group 18: Zoha Jova

3. Group 3: Najla Febriana


Best Group

- Group 22

- Group 18

- Group 14


Best Male Presenter

- Muhammad Thoriq from group 31

- Yubaraj Parajuli from group 9

- Omar Hassan from group 14

- Aiman Tharmun from group 23


Best Female Presenter

- Zoha Jova from group 18

- Nurul Nelissa Binti from group 7

- Namuun Ganbold from group 14

- Saada Mohammed from group 8


Best Project

1. 1st Winner: Group 23

2. 2nd Winner: Group 26

3. 3rd Winner: Group 8


For those of you aspiring to achieve international recognition like them, don't hesitate to register as your country's delegate for the Istanbul Youth Summit!

For further information about the Istanbul Youth Summit 2024 and to avail of the extended registration period, please visit or contact IYS Admin via the following link: here

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